About Us

NOAH'S BARN is an online shop based in Indonesia. We are committed to offer and make the best from-A-to-Z specialty coffee supplies available to general public. Whether it be the coffee itself, various machine and manual brewing equipment, coffee shop needs, knowledge resources, and also gift ideas for those who are simply looking for something for the special one.

Coming from the background running a brick-and-mortar specialty coffee shop, we realize that to brew great tasting coffee needs the extra mile. That be from the passion and skills of the brewers, the quality of the coffee, to the brewing tools used.

We do understand that coffee making has become a daily ritual and more often regarded as an important process or experience during the day to most people, therefore we have carefully selected and curated our product range to make sure that it is available, accessible and worth it.

Keep brewing and have an amazing shopping experience at NOAH'S BARN!