NOAH'S BARN WEST JAVA Macan Preanger Espresso 500gr
Macan is Indonesian word for tiger. However, specifically for Sundanese people, the natives of West Java region, tiger is of a deeper significance due to their folklore of a legendary king who never died, but instead “disappeared” and turned into spirit form of a mythical beast -the sacred tiger; in order to avoid bloodshed and keep watching over his people. 

The name Macan was chosen to represent this unique coffee as it reminds us of how coffee in Indonesia was first cultivated by the Dutch in West Java in 1696 managed to “disappear” from global market for a while, but never truly gone. In recent years, it has even risen back up, regaining its place as one of the best quality coffee beans in the global market. 

Macan Preanger coffee originated from Mount Papandayan located in Garut Regency, to the southeast of the city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. 

Mount Papandayan possess the ideal conditions for growing high quality coffee with its high altitude, fertile volcanic soil and perfect climate. Coffee farms ranging between 1-5 hectares belonging to small holders are located on the high altitude hilly terrain, side of the mountain. This unique tasting coffee are processed by PT. Panen Indo Pratama. Our company, PIP forms a deep relationship with a network of producer partners from this region who produces only what the locals call as “gabah super” or “super parchment”. These parchments go through higher standard of process including more meticulous picking in several stages resulting in superior quality coffee beans. PIP also pay our producer partners higher than market rate for these “super parchment” to reward them for the parchment quality they produce. 

Each day during the main harvest period, these “super parchments” are brought to our collection station/mill by these producer partners and are immediately wet hulled by a kemajuan huller to maintain freshness of the coffee. After which, these hulled green beans will resume drying to 12% moisture content. The process from parchment to green beans and finally specialty grading are all managed and done by us. 

Many wet hulled coffee from other Indonesian origin or mills often has one visual characteristic of splits at the end of the beans due to poor execution of the wet hulling process. These split beans are known as “kuku kambing” or directly translated as “goat’s nail” in Indonesia, with reference to its shape. 

However, we employ a special technique when performing our wet hulling process resulting in one of the best looking wet hulled coffee with no split beans and yet great flavour. 

Many thanks to meticulous people and partners of PIP for their attention and pride towards their produce that helps to bring this coffee to be well-received and gathers compliments and comments from global buyers as one of the best looking and tasting Indonesian wet-hulled coffee they have encountered.

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NOAH'S BARN WEST JAVA Macan Preanger Espresso 500gr

ORIGIN : West Java
REGION : Mount Papandayan, Garut
ELEVATION : 1200 - 1700m asl
VARIETY : Ateng, Lini S-795, Sigarar Utang, Typica
HARVEST : May - August
NOTES : Red Apple, Jasmine, Black Teas


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