HARIO Creamer Z
For that cafe style latte or cappuccino you need one thing..foam. Milk foam that is. Unless you have an espresso machine or standalone milk steamer the best way to get nice, rich foam is with a good milk frother. Hario's new creamer z milk frother is just the ticket to perfectly smooth, foamy milk! using two aa batteries, the Hario creamer z cz1 includes an elegant looking stainless steel stand so it will look good on the counter top when you're not in barista mode

Microwave milk until it is 40 〜 60 ℃. Use the following guidelines - 500W approximately 50-60 seconds, 600W approximately 40-50 seconds. Tilt slightly and press the button, foaming the milk for 30-40 seconds. This will make smooth foamed milk for cappuccinos and lattes. 

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HARIO Creamer Z

Specification :

  • Brand : Hario
  • Frother's Weight : 64.5 gram
  • Stand's Weight : 63 gram
  • Frother's Length : 19.5 cm
  • Stand's Height : 14 cm
  • Used : 2 pcs AA batteries
  • Made in Japan


  • Create foam for cappucinos, lattes, and hot chocolate
  • Body is made of plastic and the frothing shaft is made of stainless steel
  • Includes a stainless steel stand
  • Easy to clean
  • Brand: Hario
  • Product Code: HROFRTCZ1WHE198
  • Availability: SOLD OUT
  • Rp 420.000
  • Ex Tax: Rp 420.000